Recently I wanted to buy drinks in bulk and I was at the H-Medix Gwarimpa store, I noticed they had a section outside for those that want to buy drinks in Bulk, makes it super convenient

It seems simple right, but here’s what is profound about this simple gesture, he picked an already available RESOURCE (the space for that section) and modified to serve a new CUSTOMER SEGMENT (Bulk Drink Purchasers) , without having to add to his current KEY ACTIVITIES (because he would buy those drinks in bulk anyways so they can stock in the store)

This small tweak in their business model can generate as much as 15% more income (if not more, would be great to actually know how much revenue increase this tweak generated for the branch)

The truth is if you are running your business and you haven’t articulated what your business model entails honestly you are groping in the dark AND you are leaving money on the table

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