The eagle!

I’m always in awe when I hear some facts about the eagle

Like the one that when it’s raining it flies above the clouds

Some are facts and some are interesting myths

I heard one recently that says that the eagle has a long life span, and it’s because it’s able to reinvent itself

So what happens is that the eagle takes flight when it’s old and weak, it then plucks all its feathers, and even breaks its beak , it stays in seclusion for a while so that it grows new feathers and a new beak

When it descends it’s faster and with a stronger beak

Here’s the thing though… Imagine if an eagle grew up around chickens

It means it would most likely just be clucking on the ground and running for shelter when the rain comes instead of soaring above the clouds

What if you are an eagle that has been hanging around chickens and as such you have not unlocked your truest potential?

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