Learn the secret top Business Owners are using to consistently get paying customers and grow their business.

About The Book

This book outlines the top secret that most successful business owners utilize to ensure they have a steady stream of customers, and a proven strategy to move customers from Suspects to Raving Fans.

It is a compilations of years of research and as a result of coaching 100s of business owners and helping them overcome their greatest challenge

This book is a must read if you want to grow you business and overcoming low or inconsistent sales

What’s inside


One of the biggest issues faced by new and existing business owners is that of low or inconsistent sales.

The major cause for this is not having a pipeline of ready and eager customers.


Since I started offering my 15minutes complimentary Business Clinic calls, this lack of consistent sales and inadequate customers has been the most reported in the people that signed up.


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This is what led me to come up with this E-Book to help you understand who your ideal customers are,’’’ locate where they are already hanging out, and find effective ways to get them to notice you and buy from you.


If you have heard any business coach or digital marketing strategist talk about the best way to find and attract customers, they always tell you to start with your ideal customer avatar, or persona or your dream client, whatever name you choose to call them what is important is you being able to identify who exactly you are called to serve.


Let me illustrate this point with an example, imagine walking into a busy noisy market and saying “EVERYBODY COME”, chances are that not only will they not answer you but you might even be flagged as someone that isn’t in their complete senses.


Now let’s try this other scenario, you walk into the market and shout “HADIZA COME QUICK” There would be three types of people that would respond to this call.

  1. Anyone named Hadiza would automatically turn.
  2. Anyone that knows someone called Hadiza would also turn.
  3. Anyone whose interest is piqued by the name Hadiza would turn.


How does this relate to your business and what has this got to do with understanding who your ideal customer is? Well let me break it down for you in an easy way.



This quick guide provides you with immediate action steps you can take to start to grow your business

I can't believe you are giving this book out for free

Mariam J. Mohammed, Owner Mariam Academy


that self reflection method coach — amazing! led me to a major breakthrough 💯

Fatima Maitambari, Convener Tea Dua Love

Short & sweet. Nicely written and TOTALLY resonates

Dr Adeola Oke

About the author.

The Othman is a Business Leadership Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Author.

He has helped 70 + business owners earn N226 Million in 6 weeks as the Coach for the Iron Born Team in the Master the Business Of your Talent 6-weeks online course.

He is a sought after Business Coach and sits on the teaching faculty of Business Study Group a Business Growth, Strategy and Systems Online Cours.


I believe in you capacity to grow your business and lead an effective team.

The Othman